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At Home/Traveling Character Party
Tips, Tricks, & FAQs

We know you'll love your princess party with Seattle's Princesses & The Painted Palace


Check out our tips and tricks as well as our FAQs below to help make prepping for your party a breeze. 

Tips & Tricks

Dress Up

Prince and Princess dresses are highly encouraged! Make sure to let your guests know so that little ones can dress up in their favorite costume for magical photo memories!

Shop for Supplies and Invites

Need party supplies? Check out our amazon shopping list for some of our favorite princess themed plates, cups, décor, and goodie bag ideas: Amazon Shopping Storefront

For free custom invitations for your party visit: Yaylist Invitations - Painted Palace

Enjoy Your Celebration!

We encourage you to watch and participate along with the kids! We have found it is so much fun for parents to get involved with the magic by making special memories with their little ones! Don't forget to take photos and remember to get a family photo with the birthday child as well!

Contact Us

If you have questions before your party don't hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to answer any questions you have or to pass on special requests to your performer. If you need anything the day of your party the best way to reach us is by call or text to 425-889-5100 as we check emails less frequently Fridays-Sundays due to our large number of events. 

Share the Fun!

After your party we would love to see any special photos you have taken! If you don't mind us sharing them publicly, please let us know since we always love sharing party photos but will only do so with your permission. When you share photos we would love for you to tag Seattle's Princesses or The Painted Palace to help spread the word about our parties!


What is the schedule/plan for the party?

When the character arrives, they will park down the street a few minutes before their arrival time, so the kids don't see them in a car. While each party type has a set list of activities planned, our schedule during each party is flexible. Our performers are trained to evaluate each group of party goers and will determine the best order of activities based on the kids. For example, a high energy group may benefit from an active game first while a shy group may enjoy hearing a story first while they get warmed up! For most parties we end the party with singing happy birthday and saying goodbye as cake is passed out. 

How do I address the Princess?

We ask that you call the princess by any name that fit their character, whether it's a generic name like The Snow Queen or a more specific name like Cinderella. Remember that our characters will stay in character for your entire party so we ask that you address them by their character name and refrain from asking any out of character questions in front of little ones. To most kids, these characters are real and we want to do our best to preserve the magic and encourage imagination and ask for your assistance in doing so! If you hear a little one breaking the magic, we recommend pulling them aside and chatting with them about maintaining the magic for the other little ones. 

Who is here with the character?

For many of our parties we send an attendant along with the character. They are there to help keep things running smoothly throughout the party and to assist the performer with whatever they may need. Please feel free to chat with them, ask questions, and let them know if there is anything they can do to help make your party even more magical!

What do I do at the end of my party?

At the end of your party the character will gracefully say their goodbyes. As they leaves, you can pay your party balance via cash or check if you have not done so already via your party booking link. If you wish to tip your performer you are welcome to do so in cash or a check made out to The Painted Palace with the character's name and tip in the note line or in a marked envelope. We ask that you be discreet with any payment or gratuity so that the little one's don't see!

Can I add additional characters to my party?

We are happy to add additional characters leading up to your party depending on availability, but we recommend putting in your request as soon as possible as characters book up quickly! To submit a request please email us at

What do I need to setup?

​For parties where there is face/arm painting, we will need the corner of a table and a place to fill a water cup, thank you. If you plan to have more than 12 kids at an hour-long Royal Visit or more than 16 kids at an hour and a half long Royal Celebration, please reach out to let us know so we can try to send an assistant to help with painting, offer an additional character, add extra time, or substitute games in place of painting.


For Spectacular Show Parties we ask that you have at least a 5'x5' area cleared for the performer and recommend having kids sit in chairs or on the ground in a semi-circle when the characters arrive. Our party host will also assist with gathering the kids and helping everyone get seated. 

Regardless of your party type, we require a safe space for our performers to use during your party including protection from sun, rain, traffic, etc. If there is anything unique about the space or any restrictions such as parking issues, street shoe restrictions, etc., please let us know in advance so our staff can prepare accordingly. 

How do I make the payment for my party?

When reserving your party, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit to hold your party date, time, and character which can be paid via the booking link that we will send to you via email. The party balance can be paid anytime leading up to the party using this same link or you can pay on the day of the party via cash or check given discreetly to the helper or performer. If you wish to tip your performer, you may do so via cash, check, or venmo given at the party. We ask that any money given to the character is done out of sight of any little ones to preserve the magic. 

If you have any questions that we haven't covered please email us at and we would be happy to assist you! 

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