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Royal Argosy Cruise Ball

All abord the Argosy ship Spirit of Seattle for a Royal Shellabration!

This very special event features at least 15 of our most popular characters, vocal performances, a dance party, stunning views of the PNW, photo opportunities, a dessert buffet, and more!


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Have questions about the event? Check out our FAQs below for more info!

No upcoming events at the moment
Have questions about the event?
Check out our FAQs below!


How many characters will be there?

This event features at least 15 characters, more than any other event we offer! You can be sure that favorites like Elsa, Anna, Mirabel, Tiana, Ariel, Moana, and more will be onboard, excited to make special memories with you and your family.


How many guests will be there? Will it be crowded?

We only sell our cruises at 75% capacity at the very most to ensure that guests have plenty of space to move around and plenty of time with the princesses!


Is there food on board?

We will have a special dessert buffet with cookies and other sweet treats for you to enjoy while onboard. We recommend eating before attending so that your little ones have a full belly and so that they enjoy the treats without overfilling on sugary snacks! All dessert items will be nut free and we will have a selection of gluten free desserts available by request once onboard. 


What should we wear?

We recommend wearing something special since we know you'll want to take tons of photos! Most little ones choose to wear a favorite prince or princess outfit or something fancy and we most often see adults in sundresses, slacks, gowns, cocktail attire, or a fun costume. We recommend ensuring that dresses/shoes are easy to walk in and don't drag on the ground to make it easier to move around the boat.


What happens during the cruise?

When you first board the ship, you will be able to explore the entire ship and say hello to all of your Royal Friends who will be spread out around the boat. After 30-45 minutes, we will feature live vocal and dance performances by some of your favorite characters before giving you more time to spend with the characters, take photos, enjoy the desserts, and socialize. To wrap up this special event, we will have even more performances and a big dance party/sing along!


Will we get seasick?

Due to the size of the Argosy ships and the generally smooth waters of Lake Washington and Lake Union, seasickness is rare but is possible. If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend taking any precautions you need before boarding the boat to ensure that you enjoy yourself.


What if it rains?

We will set sail rain or shine! The Salish Explorer features plenty of indoor space with large windows so you can still enjoy the views regardless of weather.


Who needs a ticket?

All guests need a ticket to board the boat regardless of age. Due to the nature of this event being aboard a boat, we are not able to make exceptions to the policy that every guest needs a ticket to board for this event, however, we do offer many other events where adults and/or babies do not require a ticket.


Do we need to wear masks?

Masking requirements for Argosy ships are determined by Washington State as well as the United States Coast Guard and guests will be required to follow any State or Coast Guard mandates while onboard. At the time of our initial booking, masks are not required and we will keep guests updated should the situation change. 


What should I bring?

Just your family and a camera or phone! We recommend bringing as little with you onboard as possible so that you don't have to worry about your belongings and can focus on the fun! We ask that you leave strollers or any large possessions in the car or at home when possible, to allow us to make the most of the space that we have. If you have medical equipment, accessibility needs, or other larger items you will need while onboard, we encourage you to email us in advance so we can assist with accommodations as needed to ensure you have a smooth experience. 

Where do I park?

Carillon Point features a large, paid parking garage, however, it can get crowded on sunny weekend days so we recommend planning extra time for parking or using a drop off car service. If you cannot find parking in the marina lot, there are other parking lots and street parking within a short distance.


If you have any additional questions, please email us at or call us at 425-889-5100 and we would be happy to assist.


To purchase your tickets, visit: Royal Argosy Cruise | The Painted Palace (


We can't wait to cruise with you all soon!

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