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We're Thankful for You!

This Thanksgiving, we're extra thankful for you and for the magic we get to create, even when we're apart.

During the past 6 plus months, we've heard so many heartwarming messages from our customers about what our characters mean to them and we want you to know how much you and the magical moments we have with your families mean to us too! Here are a few messages from some our staff about how much what we do means to them and what they have missed most during their time away.

"What I miss most is the joy in the children's eyes when they really believe in the magic we're creating. They believe in a way us grown ups have forgotten to. Just as equally, I miss the sparkle in the eyes of our cast mates when we are all together. We really have become a family and I can't wait to see everyone again!" - Alaina

"I can’t wait to share warm hugs and make magic again!" - Asialani

"What I miss most is the reciprocated joy and love that we are able to share with children. I hope they know how much happiness their smiles, questions and warm hugs bring us too. 💗" - Emily P

"What I'm missing most about working with children is getting to personally experience their unyielding sense of imagination. They are always enhancing the magic in my own life, which is why I adore bringing magic to theirs as well." - Amanda

"What I miss most is getting to connect with each child and create stories and adventures with them that are totally unique and special to them! I love getting to learn about all of their favorite things and imagining with them is the best! I miss their creativity and happy hearts." - Julia L

"Princessing is such a joy in my life! I’m so grateful to work at such an amazing company where I can make magic with wonderful people, and brighten little princes/princesses days!!" - Megan

"I miss creating magical relationships with kids and watching their eyes light up as we talk about our magical adventures and we make dreams come true. I also wish that I could be with my princess family right now because they never fail to make me feel loved and strong." - Caylin

"I miss capturing the special moments with my eyes and my camera where the magic becomes real, and people (adults and kids alike) get to see their favorite characters and role models come alive, right before their eyes. I’ve been capturing as much magic as possible by going out and taking pictures of the beautiful cherry blossoms that remind me of my beautiful princess family." - Stephanie

"I miss princessing so much right now! It’s just pure magic and joy and getting to share that with children and our cast is so special. It mostly reminds me of my inner child and I think we need more of that magic in our everyday lives :)" - Samantha

"I miss getting to help make the magic for the kids. It's amazing to see their look when they see the Princesses. I miss getting to help the princesses and transport them. Having time with the cast is always a fond memory in my heart. The cast always indulges me with a picture every time after the event. It is so appreciated and loved. Hosting always puts a smile in my heart." - Kendra

"The little things are what I miss most... Striking a dashing pose with a young prince and watching his confidence magnify. Or simply dancing on the deck of a cruise ship holding a young princesses hands, reminding her that the magical moments from her dreams can become reality. We all live for that genuinely pure human connection that flourishes when we unbridle our imaginations. What's more, my castmates are more than just coworkers. We have grown close together in so many ways... laughing, crying, studying, sharing, dancing, painting, delighting, lifting, waving, and most importantly loving. Our jobs, the kids, each other, but also ourselves. What we do is important and worth while. We are the light in the world!" - Trent

"What I miss most is the joy of sharing a little magic with them, and the joy they bring into our lives by allowing us to share these special occasions with them! It’s a privilege to be part of something so precious for our little princess and prince friends. 💕" - Emily H

"Princessing is one of my favorite things because I’m always being inspired by those around me. The other cast members work so hard and have amazing spirits. Being around children in a creative space is incredible because not only are we helping them grow and make memories but I learn so much from them! It is so fascinating to me how some little ones express themselves by dancing across the room and others just want a quiet conversation, both of which I love participating in. I miss making magic with everyone. 💕" - Amber

We truly love what we do and we love the connections we get to make and the magic we get to experience every day. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones more than you could know and having such an amazing team of staff to do all of this with is truly the icing on the cake. I want to personally thank you for letting us into your homes, your events, and your lives and look forward to the days when we can all see each other in person once more.

Happy Thanksgiving from our royal family to yours.

With love,

Deanna Eden

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