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Event Spotlight - Stage Show 2022!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Our stage shows are each one-of-a-kind events with new aspects every year which makes them extra special, but it also means that it's hard to know what to expect! We want to share a few fun facts and some info about our stage show to help families understand what to expect and to help get you ready for all of the fun!


Our shows are designed to keep little ones engaged throughout the entire performance! Small princesses and princes are invited to sing along, dance, play games from their seats, and answer aloud as they engage with the onstage princesses. During the first 10 minutes of the show, each child is given a special goodie bag with items to use during the show and to take home as a special souvenir!

Featured Song and Dance Numbers

Our stage shows feature more singing and dancing than any other event we put on! One of the things we love most about our stage show is that it allows us to feature our talented staff of professional singers and dancers in their element!

Original Script and Choreography

Our entire show is created in house by our staff from the storyline to the choreography to the lighting and everything in between. We love being able to offer a one-of-a-kind show that you won't see anywhere else and a brand-new story every year so no two shows are alike! This year, the stepsisters will cast a magic spell that backfires, and little ones and princesses will work together to restore the missing colors of the rainbow through songs, dancing, and a touch of magic!

Limited Seating/Capacity

The theater we use has a capacity of 120 guests, however, we limit tickets to ensure that everyone has a great view and lots of room to dance and play! The seats are tiered on risers going from the stage up so even tiny little ones can see the stage and feel like part of the show while they sit roughly eye level with the characters. We use an open seating model so you can choose seats with friends, seats near the exit, or whichever seats best fit your needs. The limited size of this event also ensures plenty of one-on-one time for each little one as they meet the characters after the show!

Meet & Greet

After enjoying the show, we set aside special time for you to mingle and take photos with every character so your little one gets special one on one time with their favorite princess! At this event we will have 13 characters in attendance so there are tons of princesses, fairies, and friends to say hello to and take photos with! We recommend dressing in a fun outfit or your favorite Royal Attire so you're ready for all of the pictures!

Special Character Appearances

For our 2022 stage show, we are excited to include a few characters who only join us for a limited number of large events each year. This year, our show will include all three Madrigal Sisters so you can meet Luisa, Mirabel, and Isabela all at the same time! We are also featuring the Stepsisters who we know will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!

Stage Party

To wrap up our stage shows, we love to invite all of our little princes and princesses on stage for a dance party where they get to be part of the show! Adults can sit back comfortably in the audience and take photos and videos of the magical memories their little ones are making singing, dancing, and feeling like a star!

Ready to buy your tickets? Be sure to reserve your seats soon since this limited seating event is sure to sell out! Tickets are offered at a special early bird price through September 8th and increase in price on September 9th.

Check out some memories from our previous stage shows below!

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