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How to make the most of your digital party

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

As we all know, the world has changed a lot over the past year and the way we celebrate special events is vastly different. While it's easy to get caught up in all of the challenges this causes for parties and celebrations, we have been lucky enough to see some really positive and magical moments come from these changes so we want to share them with you and help you to create and enjoy an amazing virtual party of your own!

We have loved hosting digital parties and have been able to customize parties for a variety of themes, activities, and age groups! Every party is a little different which has made it so much fun, but we've also noticed that no matter the party type, some things stay the same!

Here are our top 5 happy realizations and recommendations for your virtual parties! (in no particular order because we love them all!)

Number 5 – You can have family and friends from other parts of the world join in! Normally it may be a challenge for Aunt Sandy to join your child’s party all the way from London but with virtual parties anyone can join from anywhere in the world! We love seeing the joy on the faces of family members who can connect virtually and be a part of a celebration they may have had to miss if it was in person.

Number 4 – You can record the fun to look back on in the future! During busy parties and events, it can be hard to remember to take photos and videos but during a virtual party, the technology does the work for you. A digital recording of your party is a great keepsake and fun to look back on. We recommend taking a moment during your party to have everyone freeze and smile so you can take a screenshot of everyone together!

Number 3 – Accessible fun for everyone! Shy kids or guests with social anxiety or who deal with sensory overload often struggle at big, loud, birthday parties or events which can discourage them from attending or can cause them to feel left out. With a digital party they are able to mute the video or audio or leave the party early if needed with no pressure to participate when they don’t want to. We’ve heard from some parents how much it has meant to their little ones to feel included while being able to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

Number 2 – You have so much more flexibility when it comes to time! Since there are less driving and location based obstacles to deal with you can have a little more freedom with your party scheduling! You can celebrate on your child’s actual birthday on a Tuesday at 5:00pm, get the whole family together for a painting party on Mother’s Day regardless of where they live, or set up a pj party late at night right before bedtime and then tuck the kids in right after!

Number 1 – Virtual parties are a moment of lightness and joy during the times we need them most. Times are hard for all of us, so we need happiness and magic now more than ever. During a virtual celebration you get to escape reality for a bit and just play and enjoy yourself along with your loved ones. Nothing puts a smile on our face quite like seeing Grandpa pretend to ice skate with the Snow Queen, or hearing two adult brothers competing to see who can make the best painting, or teaching special lessons and new skills and watching little faces light up as they master them.

We know that for some, a virtual party may still not be your first choice, but we also know that if you embrace this new party style, you will make memories that will last forever! If you would like help finding ways to make your virtual party or event even more special we are happy to share even more ideas and to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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